Rachel McAdams, Selma Blair join women accusing James Toback of sexual harassment

Actresses Rachel McAdams and Selma Blair have joined a list of nearly 40 other women accusing writer/director James Toback of sexual harassment, as first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

McAdams, 38, and Blair, 45, both spoke to Vanity Fair for a story published Thursday. Their stories appear consistent with those of other women, including Julianne Moore, who accuse the 72-year-old Toback of luring aspiring actresses to his hotel room for an audition.

In their case, it was for his 2001 dramedy Harvard Man, about a basketball player (Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier) who arranges to throw a game to earn money to replace his parents’ home.

When the future star of Legally Blonde was negotiating with Toback’s team about their meeting, she had to insist on meeting him in the hotel restaurant rather than his room as he wanted. But when she arrived for their meal, he was a no-show and she was directed to his room.

“Looking back, I don’t think James Toback ever planned to come down to the restaurant,” she said.

About 40 minutes into their conversation, he tried to convince her to take off her clothes before she read a monologue, saying it was a trust exercise.

“Why would my character need to be naked?” she asked him. “She is a lawyer in a courtroom.”

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